Solar is a very attractive investment because a number of factors such as high electric rates, net-metering policies, and generous state, and federal incentives. Remember solar is an inflation-protected investment. The electricity cost will increase on a yearly basis regardless whether you go solar or not. A wise decision is to hedge yourself against such increase and power your house with free energy.


We have designed all kinds of solar systems small as 2kW and large as 4MW project. Our installation team included certified and licensed electricians with extensive experience.

Turnkey Solution

Solarix is All-in-One solar solution company. Design, construction, and financing is all provided to you in one place. Solarix team will take care of everything to provide you with a worry-free solar system.

Solar Cents

The economical value of a solar system is unquestionable. It’s one of the best investment you can make today with significant return in the medium to long term period.


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